Jeans: hudson (last season, love this brand too).
Earrings: forever 21.
Bangles: j crew.
Shoes: jessica simpson (last season, loving these and these)

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How adorable is this top?! I found it online at my new favorite online boutique Nasty Gal and just had to have it. I dressed it up with the white flare jeans and stacked platforms for this look, but Im definitely rocking this top at Stagecoach with daisy dukes and my Frye cowboy boots ;) (I will post that look on insta when I wear it!). Nasty Gal is an awesome site for reasonably priced bohemian, free-spirited, flowy looks. Check out their site here. I hope you all are having a fabulous Monday!

xoxo, shar.

photos by: Ashley Wingo of Lovelock&Co, click here to see more of her work!

bohemian maxi.

This is another dress from the Nick & Mo shoot I did a few weeks ago. I love the colors in this dress, perfect for your spring break vacations or your summer trip around the corner! I have listed my favorite maxi dresses for spring above... I want them all! Warning, you will too! Browse carefully ;-) I hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday! Half way to the weekend!

xoxo, shar

coral crush.

Sweater: Nick & Mo Clothing (not on sale yet, try this one or this one)

Spring has sprung and with that come lots of bright colors. I have always loved coral and blue together and these two outfits from the Nick & Mo catalogue shoot seemed fitting to share now that its officially Spring! Spring time also means its time to clean out that closet... something I literally dread but, like going to the gym, I feel so much better when its all done. Im thinking of doing a few posts on closet organization and how to store jewelry. I need to figure out a better way to store my necklaces... BADLY. If any of you have any cool DIY ideas, leave me a comment below and I will try them out!

Happy Spring everyone!

xoxo, shar

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Photographer: Tricia Meeter of Equinox Photo and Spohie Mae of Stylish Details. Make up: Laticia Huether of HueLaLa Esthetics. Hair: Elisa Wilson of Elisa K Hair.  

fall in love with lipstick.

So, I'm not sure if any of you are like me...but I really, really, really wish I wore more lipstick. I know that sounds so ridiculous, but honestly it can be difficult to pull off lipstick sometimes. Do you guys know what I mean? I always attempt to be super bold and rock the red lip, but by the time I get in the car and look in the mirror I somehow convince myself that I look better with a nude lipgloss or just plain Chapstick. I know, BORING! SO... I have stepped out of my comfort zone and have invested in 5 amazing shades of lipstick to rock this Spring...  

So, on this new journey to becoming a fierce and bold lipstick wearer, I've picked up a few tips from the pro's at Sephora. First being this Lush Mint Sugar Lip Scrub (also love this one too). Lipstick often drys out my lips, leading to peeling or cracking... and well, ain't nobody got time for that! This lip scrub solves that problem by buffing your lips to create a smooth base for your lip color, and it tastes delicious! You just wet your lips, apply a layer of the sugar scrub, rub your lips together for a few seconds, and then lick it off! Seriously, your lips will feel and your lipstick will look amazing! I definitely recommend this for all of you ladies!

Once you have your pretty little lips all smooth, try this beauty booster lip balm with SPF 15. Honestly, it will save your lips this summer. Mine is clear from Trish McEvoy but I think they replaced them with color tinted ones. Click here to check the colors out.

You can either rock the balm by itself (especially if you use the color tinted one) or you can pair it with a layer of your fav color lipstick. For that extra kick, top it off with THE BEST (well, in my opinion) lip plumper on the market, Sexy Mother Pucker. The name itself is a great conversation starter, let alone the results. I will warn you, the tingling is quite weird in the beginning but only lasts a few seconds. I use the color 'Half Naked'... its the perfect nude shade with a little warm touch of color.

What do you guys think of these colors? Leave me a comment below on which color you like the best! Also, if you have ever used any of the products I mentioned leave me a comment on what you think of them, I wanna know!

xoxo, shar

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Happy Monday everyone! I'm not sure how the weather was all around the world, but I can only hope some of you enjoyed the sun like I did this weekend! 

Danielle Peterson! Make sure to email me at with the subject line STUDIO 1220 WINNER! I look forward to hearing from you and thanks everyone for entering!

A beautiful heart...

Dress: nick & mo

I received the images from the Nick & Mo catalogue shoot I did a few weeks ago and this shot just was so amazing with the colors in the sunset. I thought it was the perfect backdrop for one of my favorite quotes. 

I've read this quote by C.S. Lewis several times and just love how true it is. It inspires me to chase after the things that matter and focus more time and energy on my inner beauty than my outer. Though fashion is fun and allows for creative expression, the condition of ones heart is so much more important. A beautiful heart is one of the most valuable aspects of a woman. 

It also reminds me to respect myself and keep my standards high. As a single gal myself, I can relate with a lot of you out there... it may be tempting to compromise in relationships, but DO NOT DO IT. Don't settle! Pursue God, pursue bettering yourself, pursue becoming beautiful on the inside and out before you pursue some trashy disrespectful boy in a relationship that will only cause pain and destruction. I hope all the single ladies out there will realize that the only men that are ever worth your time are those who desire to respect and honor you, not those who are immature and self-seeking. Yes, dating the bad boy is fun for a while, but 9 times out of 10 it will lead to heartbreak and pain. Respect yourself enough and wait for the man who is worth your time; a man who sees you as someone to chase and pursue in a pure and godly way. Is that too honest for a secular fashion blog? Ha, maybe....I would actually love to hear your thoughts, email me or comment below if you feel so inclined ;-)

xoxo, shar

Photographer: Tricia Meeter of Equinox Photo and Spohie Mae of Stylish Details. Make up: Laticia Huether of HueLaLa Esthetics. Hair: Elisa Wilson of Elisa K Hair.  


Today I'm doing another giveaway sponsored by my friends at Studio 1220! Such a cute boutique, to check out their online store click here. This dreamcatcher necklace is soooo amazing, and honestly would be so cute for any spring or summer festivals you might be attending (like coachella or stagecoach for those in Cali ;-)).  Other dreamcatcher necklaces I've found are ginormous and clunky, this one is a medium size and I love it. It's the perfect touch for the boho chic look!

[ Yes, that's my lovely photographer Ashley in my lamp reflection ;-) ]

To win Studio 1220 dreamcatcher necklace:

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Lastly, make sure you leave a comment below with your first name when you've finished each step so you are entered in!

That's it! The contest will run for a week. The winner will be announced next Friday!

xo, shar

wild and free.

Top: bp.
Kimono: billabong (last season, similar one here).
Shorts: DIY from true religion jeans (loving these right now).
Boots: frye.
Necklace: flea market (like this one  and this one too).
Ring: studio 1220 (this one is fun too).
Watch: kors.

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As Coachella and Stagecoach are approaching, I thought I would post a wild and free styled look. Don't wait until the last second to shop for these concerts guys... all the cute stuff goes quickly! If any of you are going to Coachella or Stagecoach leave me a comment in the box below!!

A little throwback to one of my fav outfits from Stagecoach last year! Leave me a comment below if you want to see a post on where to shop for cute Coachella/Stagecoach outfits!

xoxo, shar.

 photos by: Steve Cachero of Town & Fields, follow @steeevy to see more of his work!