The Greatest Summer Accessory - Flash

Photography by Jenna Puterbaugh

If you know me you know I am obsessed with Flash Tattoos! They are my favorite summer accessory for a few reasons: they are metallic and eye catching, you can get so creative with them (necklaces, rings, bracelets, belly chains, YOU NAME IT!), and lastly... you can't lose them! There is nothing worse than losing your favorite piece of jewelry at the beach or on vacation! I used their newest line, Desert Dweller. 

Girls, this line is AMAZING.

When you open Flash Tats you'll see that they come in sheets, like 4 or 5 of them. You need to cut out the ones you want to apply and get creative with how and where to wear them! I love making upper arm bracelets, like the one below!

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First I cut out this big aztec tattoo...

Played around with where I wanted it to lay...

Took off the plastic film on top and placed the tattoo against my skin right where I wanted it.

Next I used a water soaked washcloth to apply water to the tattoo.

I pressed the washcloth against the tattoo for about 30 seconds...

Waited for a few more seconds....

And wallah! A perfectly beautiful tattoo :) 

Now its time to add the chains!

Best advice I can give on this part is to measure out how long of a chain you will need to reach around your whole arm. I like to add two different strips of chain, one on each side to make sure it lines up!

I applied the wet washcloth for another 30 seconds...

And wallah! Another beautiful flash tattoo :)