About Me

Hello Dears! 

My name is Sharrah (pronounced 'share-ah' ;-)) and I love sharing my style to inspire others. My passion is to encourage ladies of all ages to be confident in their inner beauty first, and then have lots of fun sprucing up their outer beauty! Shar-Style is a source of fashion inspiration for the every day gal out there! I used to be VERY insecure with my style; I was afraid to try stylish looks because I didn't think I could pull them off. Well, enough of that! This blog will hopefully encourage you to get creative and have fun being confident in rocking new and exciting outfits! 

xoxo, shar


  1. Hey Sharrah, I absolutely love your blog and have been following since day 1! I was wondering, would you consider doing a blog post on confidence and building inner confidence? It's something I really struggle with, and I feel like it's really holding me back. I'm sure I'm not alone, and it would be great to see someone of my age sharing their experiences in this area!

  2. Hi your mom is a great room fixer I been watching her for 6 year from when I was 4 and she is so nice my parents like the way how she fix old ugly to new very very pretty room and yeah bye