This shoot is just so, so fun I had to share! My good friend Brighton Galvan and I shot a couple looks downtown Carlsbad and just happened to be at the golden hour as we approached this AMAZING backdrop... the middle of an intersection with a super awesome Carlsbad sign! The shots turned out amazing... Brighton you are a wizard with your camera! 

PS, I'm thinking of doing a drugstore makeup haul soon... leave your thoughts on that below! 

xoxo, shar


Photography by Zach Andrews

KALE T SHIRT: Nordstrom // DISTRESSED JEANS: Urban Outfitters // SANDALS: Target // SUNNIES: Francesca's // WATCH: Michael Kors // BURLAP BAG: Apolis

You know the days you would rather sit in bed all day and watch Netflix/Hulu for an ungodly amount of time? Well this is the outfit to wear on the trips to the grocery story for more popcorn & ice-cream ;-) A. its the softest tee Ive ever put on and B. its healthy, so at least you feel semi healthy as you shovel handfuls of popcorn in your mouth ;) But really, how funny is this shirt?! Maybe I'm alone in this, but I think its pretty hilarious & cute!

Also, I have fully immersed myself in the Birkenstock  (or faux Birkenstock) way of life. These sandals are from Target and are SO COMFY! Honestly I think they are pretty cute too... although my boyfriend tries to tell me otherwise ;) 

Last thing I wanted to say about this post is that these sunglasses (and my favorite black pair and brown pair) are only $14 bucks and are FINALLY online! Right now they have a deal buy one get the second 50% off! 

Thanks so much for stopping by loves!

xo, shar

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Floral + Stripes

Photography by Zach Andrews

FLORAL STRIPED BLOUSE: Anthropologie // BLACK HIGH WAISTED JEANS: Nordstrom // BLACK HEELS: Michael Kors // SUNNIES: Marc by Marc Jacobs // GOLD WATCH: Michael Kors

If there was a shirt out there that could improve your mood and brighten your day, it would be this one! There are two things that make this long sleeve floral top is amazing... the first is obvious, it's so bright and FLORAL! I'm obsessed with this purple/red color right now - as well as anything floral :) The second is that its actually a STRIPE shirt! If you know me, you know I have too many stripes... like way too many, I just love them!! The floral part of this shirt is actually a mesh overlay on top of a black and white stripe shirt! So, so amazing. The bright & busy pattern/colors going on in this top are enough to carry the outfit without jewelry. Sometimes, the easier the outfit the better, right?

Ok, so I forgot there's a third thing I love about this anthro top... it's ON SALE! When I bought it it was $80 bucks or something... well now its only $35! Such a steal! I will link it below to browse :)

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xo, shar

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Striped Stroll

Photography by Zach Andrews

STRIPE JACKET: Nordstrom // BOYFRIEND DENIM SHORTS: Nordstrom // T SHIRT: Nordstrom // CLUTCH PURSE: Francesca's // BOOTIES: Dolce Vita // NECKLACES: Banana Republic & Forever 21 // BRACELETS: J Crew // RINGS: Gorjana SUNNIES: ASOS // WATCH: Michael Kors

Guys... this jacket... I DIE! How cute is is!? I found it this past weekend at Nordies and am obsessed. I think it's made out of cotton so it's super light weight. You can totally dress it up with a preppy skirt and some J Crew jewels, or you can rock it casually like I did here with a pair of boyfriend jeans & a t shirt ;) I'm really into mixing structured jackets with ripped jeans/shorts - probably a little too much as I've been wearing them to work all the time and have recently been informed by my boss (who is also my mother) that they are "so not cute and not professional". Whoops! ;)

I also threw in a few thin layered necklaces to add a delicate feminine touch. The thing with these layered necklaces is that you need a few to get the right look... and unfortunately the nice ones are usually $60+! My trick is this: invest in one or two nice layered necklaces (my faves are Gorjana or Banana) and then mix in several cheaper ones - no one will know the difference! The Banana one I found online for you guys but the F21 ones always change every week so I just linked the main page so y'all can browse :) 

Thanks for stopping by! Leave me a comment if you have any thoughts :)

Love ya!


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