Navy Trench Coat + Skirt

Photography by Jenna Puterbaugh

TOP: Francesca's c/o  // TWEED SKIRT: Top Shop // STATEMENT NECKLACE (on sale!): Urban Outfitters // NAVY TRENCH COAT: Top Shop // HEEL BOOTIES(similar): Zara

This coat was my first trench coat I've ever purchased and I am soooo obsessed with it! Its the perfect California weight and the style is a little shifty - not too structured. This outfit is such a random success haha... the jacket is "winter" the skirt is "business spring" and the necklace is "boho chic". I actually bought the necklace first at Urban Outfitters (on sale for $38 bucks!) and then was in the dressing room at TopShop and was waiting for a stylist to pull another size in something. I had just tried on this grey tweed skirt and saw this coat hanging on display in the room so I tried it on... It totally needed a statement necklace, so I dug around in my shopping bags to pull this beaded boho necklace out, sure that it wouldn't look good with a preppy tweed skirt. To my surprise it was exactly what the outfit needed! I love how it all came together:)

I mentioned before in my last few posts that Ty came with me on a recent shoot... its so funny to me because he's in the exact same outfit every time haha... I will be sure to bring him a few different shirts next time! I love having him with me -- he's such a handsome bearded "intern". And yes, I included a shameless silly kissey shot (that I look pretty awful in) at the end ;)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

xo shar

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PATTERNED DRESS (similar): Francesca's // ORANGE STUDDED PLATFORM WEDGE: Michael Kors // GOLD WATCH: Michael Kors

Happy Tuesday! All I can say is that it is good to be back in the swing of things! If you follow me on instagram or facebook you know I was in the hospital over the weekend with kidney stones. Yes, they are as awful as they sound. The good news is I was only in severe pain for a day (thank the Lord!).  

Any who, now that I am back to work and out of bed, I wanted to share this outfit with you all today It is one of my favorite style dresses... you DONT NEED TO ACCESSORIZE IT! The bold, colorful pattern adds the perfect pop of detail -- any other necklaces or bold jewelry would just clash and disrupt the awesome pattern party that is happening already. I have linked a few of my other favorite colorful neoprene dresses below for your afternoon browsing :)

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True Blue

Photography by Jenna Puterbaugh

BLUE DRESS: Francesca's // ORANGE HEELS: Zara (similar here) // EARRINGS: Baublebar  // GOLD WATCH: Michael Kors 

Happy Hump Day!! Every time I say that I ALWAYS think of the Geico camel commercial, do you? Any who... I love today because A. It's a new day and B. I'm back to blogging! I took a few days away from my computer (and instagram) to get over this ever so contagious 24 hr flu that's going around and also to unplug and take a break from the busyness of life. I don't know about you, but I am always on the go, even on weekends! Sometimes we just need to take a few days to spend some relaxing time with family or reading a good book every now and then! 

Now, on to the outfit! Today's look is really fun and bright! I LOVE cobalt blue almost as much as I love this little swing dress from Francesca's. It's perfect for a bridal or baby afternoon shower, Sunday brunch, or even a day at the office if paired with a blazer.  I don't know what the neckline is called (I really need to google that) but it's my favorite cut because it highlights the collar bones and shoulders really well! This particular dress has an empire waist and falls smoothly down to about mid thigh. I wanted to make the shoes pop so I paired them with a bright contrasting orange pump and threw in a colorful dangle earring :)

At the end of this post (and a few other future posts) you'll see that my boyfriend Tyler magically appears (in the same outfit ... whoops! Poor planning on my part). Sometimes he has to tag along on my shoots because we only see each other on weekends (note: in case you're new to the blog -- it's because we are unfortunately long distance right now) and weekends are my only time to shoot. I happen to LOVE having him on shoots because we usually end up in some random alley or field with some super uneven ground -- making it extra hard to gracefully strut in stiletto pumps. He gladly throws me over his shoulder and carries me to and from the car :) One of his many qualities that make him a keeper :)

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May Your Hearts Be Loved & Your Skirts Be Full

Photography by Brighton Galvan

TOP: Francesca's // TULLE SKIRT: Bliss Tulle // HEELS: Kendal and Kylie // NECKLACE: Eula Fern's // WATCH: Michael Kors

Sometimes you just have to dress up in a big poufy skirt, hot pink, and tassels (on the heels...they are to-die-for, check them out here). I wanted to have fun with this Valentine's look -- I think it kind of resembles the old fashion barbie look, which is probably why I like it :) This skirt is just so, so, so amazing. I just got it from Bliss Tulle and can't wait to style it with so many different looks. They also sell different lengths and colors on their site so be sure to check them out!

Whether you're dating, married or single I have something really fun for you to do for your Valentine ;) I even have something amazing for all my single ladies who are going to their girlfriends house for movie night and ice cream. Check it out here