so cozy.

Jacket 1: nick & mo (not available yet), try this one or this one from asos
Shoes: nordstrom.
Jacket 2: nick & mo (not available yet), I really like this one from asos. 

get this look:

In honor of all my east coast readers, I thought I would do a cozy jacket post since it is so darn cold right now where you all live! I have a ton of outfits to post from this shoot I did with Nick & Mo Clothing! The only bummer was that I was just there to model the line so I didn't get to style any of the outfits. They did put some outfits together that were super cute, I can't wait to show you guys! It was seriously the longest day of my life but it was also a blast.

A little background on the fashion blogging process: when I shoot for these posts it usually consists of me planning all the outfits, packing them up, organizing them with the right shoes and accessories, neatly hanging them in my car (which ends up looking like a bomb exploded by the end of the day), and driving around San Diego with a photographer friend for 8-10 hrs to find awesome locations to shoot at! Needless to say its a lot of work, but I have so much fun with it so its totally worth it. A few weeks ago when I got an email about shooting for the catalogue for this awesome new line for Nick & Mo I was so excited because I would get to be on set with more than just myself and a photographer, we had a team of 8 people! Hair, makeup, photographer, stylist, videographer, designer, etc. So fun! Each person involved was so sweet and so fun to work with.  I felt so spoiled at one point because one person would cover me, two would change each shoe, makeup would be making touchups and the stylist/designer would be throwing the next outfit on me... all as I just stood there! Usually I'm the one hustling and doing all 5 parts!

We started hair and makeup at 8 am (at this house on a farm with the most amazing woodsy grounds) and began shooting at 9 until sunset! I think I shot 28 outfits or something crazy... I was exhausted by the end of the day! Lots more outfits to come by them! Stay tuned, and as always, thank you for stopping by!

xoxo, shar.

Photographer: Tricia Meeter of Equinox Photo and Spohie Mae of Stylish Details. Make up: Laticia Huether of HueLaLa Esthetics. Hair: Elisa Wilson of Elisa K Hair.  

New York City 2

Because Savannah is such a boss and has such an awesome job working at NBC were lucky enough to go on set behind the scenes and tour her offices in the 30 Rock building. And of course, we had to go to the very top of the building to the Top of the Rock for the most insane view!!

Best view of the city <3

My sweet friend Matt and me having way too much fun taking way too many photos, we blame it on the breathtaking background ;). Matt and I grew up together in San Diego, he too is hustling at his big city job working for YELP! So very proud of him for all he is accomplishing. He is HILARIOUS and so much fun, I really feel so lucky to have such great friends to visit in such a fun and exciting city. Now if I can just convince my other friends to move to Italy, France, and Australia... I've been wanting to visit there for a while ;-) 

Finally a whole group shot of all of us! I have no clue why these photos are all so orange (... cough cough.... except for the fact that Matt had a brilliant idea to take these on his iPhone under a weird setting and I cannot find a way change it back for the life of me!). I tried to fix in photoshop but the photo became really faded and weird, so this will have to do! 

Warning: We took SO many photos at Top of the Rock, these are like the 1% that made it to the blog... and there are still a lot, so I apologize ahead of time!

Gettin' sassy with Savannah.

Gettin' silly with Matt.

Gettin'...stylish with... sharstyle? ;-) 

A little video of us walking the streets in the city... while Matt talks about how nice someone is ha. Yes, this was a snapchat originally (don't judge) but I think its fun to show the personalities of my friends, and unfortunately this is the only video I have of us all!

The real reason I went to NY: to take an artsy picture of a macaroon like every other blogger out there ;-) 

When in Rome....

New York City.

The best go-to travel wear: yoga pants (my fav brands are lulu and zella!), boots, t shirt, and a light sweater and scarf!

Right off the plane I was greeted with a 45 minute line for a 10 degree weather! Quite the shock for this little San Diego lady!

My first stop was at the Camuto Group show room where they design and manufacture the shoe lines for brands like Tory Burch, BCBG, Vince Camuto, Jessica Simpson, etc! I was greeted with champagne and chocolates AND was blessed with an adorable gift of Vince Camuto wedges! So fun to be invited to see behind the scenes of their show room prep for Fashion Week!

On my first day in the city I got straight to work! I made my way into several different hipster coffee shops and at the end of the day settled into Starbucks for the nifty wifi ;-) Jacket: j crew. Scarf: nordstrom

The next morning we had quite the brunching experience! And it SNOWED! I hadn't been in snow for years, so it was super fun to walk through a white central park! And stop for an impromptu snowball fight...


This is my beautiful best friend Savannah who I am so so proud of! We grew up together in San Diego and now she works for NBC in New York! So fun being able to stay with her and her roommate for the week I was there...

(Yes, this ACTUALLY happened! Way to go Paige for capturing such an awesome mid air shot ;-)

My best friend Savannah and her sweet, sweet friend and roommate Paige. Such beautiful ladies, aren't they?!

Of course, it wouldn't be a work trip without some interior design accessory shopping! 
Sweater: nordstrom. Necklace: baublebar.

We finished the snowy night off with another fabulous evening of dinner and dancing in the city with lovely friends! 
Blouse: asos. Booties: dolce vita.

I had so many pictures from this trip that I decided to split it up into 2 posts! Come back tomorrow for NYC part 2... It may or may not include a trip to NBC Studios, you're going to want to see what happened! 


xoxo, shar