Last Minute Quick and Easy Gift Guide for Him

If you guys are anything like me you've waited until the absolute last second to buy your guys something for Christmas. Whether it's because of work, school, or just good ole' procrastination, I've put together a few of my tried and true "best gifts ever" that are sure to knock his socks off... literally. Which leads me to gift idea number one:

1. New socks: 
I'm loving this brand Happy Socks for guys socks (and girls too!) they have so many different styles, and it's kind of a fun way for your guy to step into his fashion forward self in a discrete way ;) 

2. New undies: 
 I don't know what it is about men and throwing away old underwear, but for some reason they need a helping hand when it comes to weeding out there "holy" undergarments ... not the reverent kind but the ones with literal holes in the waistband and rump.  I know Calvin Klein makes a really soft and stretchy boxer brief (think lulus for boxers!) that my husband really loves - but search his underwear drawer to see if he has a preference. If you order today you can get them shipped by Christmas Eve!! Plus, guys like basics and most men happen to be very practical. A couple pairs of good quality, soft boxers will be sure to make him extra grateful...  and if not him, then hopefully you! 

3. Even Headphones:
We all know headphones are like the new addiction for todays tech addict. I found the COOLEST headphones on the market - incredible sound, amazing new technology, actually comfortable, and VERY stylish ;) They are called Even H1 Headphones. Heres why they are soooo different than any other quality headphone: they have this new technology called EarPrint where you can customize your own hearing level for each ear. You establish your EarPrint by taking a 2 min hearing test on each ear and wallah! Amazing, customized sound in your stylish wooden headphones. Shop these headphones today and select one day shipping to get them in before Christmas! Sponsored.

4. Clarks Desert Boots
Clarks are comfortable, stylish, and good for an every day shoe for work or for a night out. Also, little tip: if your guy has size 14 (like Tyler) you're actually in luck because Nordstrom Rack ALWAYS has these shoes in that size ;) Like 50% off! Thats the only upside to having GIANT feet, so if you're lucky enough to have normal feet size - shop them at Nordstrom today to get them in by Christmas Eve!

5. The Jimmy Case
The Jimmy Case is a phone case AND a wallet in one, nothing is more man-friendly than this efficient gadget!

6. Tommy John Shirts
If your guy wears dress attire to work every day, he will FOREVER thank you for this shirt! Yes, Tommy John shirts are a little on the expensive side for one shirt,  however it really does stay tucked in all day and is great for controlling the body temp/sweating. Its the perfect gift as the price makes it extra special to not have to buy himself ;-)

This post was sponsored by Even Headphones, however all opinions and recommendations are all my own