The day that changed my life forever.

Photography by: Narrative Visual Photography 
February 27, 2016 was a day I will never forget. My friend Megan had asked me to meet her for brunch that morning, so naturally I wore yoga pants and a tank top with little to no makeup, truly one of the biggest signs that I didn't expect any of what was about to happen. Warning you, there are a lot of photos below! :)

While I was at brunch with Megan, 11 of my best girlfriends were lining up along the hill behind my apartment. Unbeknown to me, Tyler had spent about a month emailing and scheduling all of them to be a crucial part in his incredibly thoughtful proposal. 

 I live by this little park by the ocean, it's a beautiful spot to take photos on a pretty day. After brunch Megan wanted to go take pictures by the water, to which I objected because I said I wasn't wearing anything cute haha. She said "well I have a cute outfit on so just take pictures for me", which was a little unlike her to be so aggressive about wanting a selfie, but she's done it for me before so I figured it was my time to be photographer :)

We were walking down the street and as we turned the corner I saw all of the girls (and my dear friend Arthur:) standing up the hill leading to Tyler at the top. I knew immediately what was happening, but I couldn't really comprehend it at the same time. I know that doesn't make any sense, but it really was like a big blur haha. I was so worried I was going to be ugly crying the entire time that I was trying to cover my face haha. Don't worry, the ugly cry photos didn't make it into the final cut ;-)  

My first stop was to my friend Hillary who gave me this box to collect all the items the girls would give me.

Each friend handed me a special item from Tyler and my relationship and said something like "Do you remember the first time you and Tyler went on a road trip to Napa?" If you guys watch the YouTube video here you can see the story behind all of the different things Tyler had the girls give me:) But it was so special to have each of my dear friends walk me thru all of the amazing memories Tyler and I have had over the years.

As probably all engaged or married couples know, I really don't remember what Tyler said in this moment - and neither does he haha. But we do know he said "I love you so much, will you marry me!?" Trying to hide my ugly cry, I had my hands over my face and sobbed "yes!" and jumped into his arms. I didn't even look down at the ring right away because I was so excited! 

It was so cute, the whole beach below was cheering when he did this haha, I guess they all watched him set everything up so they were all waiting for the big moment as well. Its funny how I down even  remember hearing them cheer, I was just too overwhelmed with happiness I somewhat blacked out haha. 

I LOVE this picture! So much joy between us and I love how you can see the girls in the background :) 
I can't wait to marry you Tyler Stevens! You are the most loving, kind, supportive man I have ever met. I still can't believe I get to be your wife forever!

Obsesseddddd with my ring! Honey Jewlery Co designed it and I couldn't be happier!

Thank you to everyone who made this day so special. I was so blessed to have my friends and family there and a part of the celebration. Both of Tyler's best friends came down from up north to film the whole thing. Watch the full proposal video here!

My mom and I are kicking off a REALLY fun new series called Wedding Wednesday's. We will be uploading a new wedding video about our planning process every Wednesday, alternating between uploading on my channel and hers. Watch the first episode here!