Navy Trench Coat + Skirt

Photography by Jenna Puterbaugh

TOP: Francesca's c/o  // TWEED SKIRT: Top Shop // STATEMENT NECKLACE (on sale!): Urban Outfitters // NAVY TRENCH COAT: Top Shop // HEEL BOOTIES(similar): Zara

This coat was my first trench coat I've ever purchased and I am soooo obsessed with it! Its the perfect California weight and the style is a little shifty - not too structured. This outfit is such a random success haha... the jacket is "winter" the skirt is "business spring" and the necklace is "boho chic". I actually bought the necklace first at Urban Outfitters (on sale for $38 bucks!) and then was in the dressing room at TopShop and was waiting for a stylist to pull another size in something. I had just tried on this grey tweed skirt and saw this coat hanging on display in the room so I tried it on... It totally needed a statement necklace, so I dug around in my shopping bags to pull this beaded boho necklace out, sure that it wouldn't look good with a preppy tweed skirt. To my surprise it was exactly what the outfit needed! I love how it all came together:)

I mentioned before in my last few posts that Ty came with me on a recent shoot... its so funny to me because he's in the exact same outfit every time haha... I will be sure to bring him a few different shirts next time! I love having him with me -- he's such a handsome bearded "intern". And yes, I included a shameless silly kissey shot (that I look pretty awful in) at the end ;)

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

xo shar

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