May Your Hearts Be Loved & Your Skirts Be Full

Photography by Brighton Galvan

TOP: Francesca's // TULLE SKIRT: Bliss Tulle // HEELS: Kendal and Kylie // NECKLACE: Eula Fern's // WATCH: Michael Kors

Sometimes you just have to dress up in a big poufy skirt, hot pink, and tassels (on the heels...they are to-die-for, check them out here). I wanted to have fun with this Valentine's look -- I think it kind of resembles the old fashion barbie look, which is probably why I like it :) This skirt is just so, so, so amazing. I just got it from Bliss Tulle and can't wait to style it with so many different looks. They also sell different lengths and colors on their site so be sure to check them out!

Whether you're dating, married or single I have something really fun for you to do for your Valentine ;) I even have something amazing for all my single ladies who are going to their girlfriends house for movie night and ice cream. Check it out here

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