Striped Stroll

Photography by Zach Andrews

STRIPE JACKET: Nordstrom // BOYFRIEND DENIM SHORTS: Nordstrom // T SHIRT: Nordstrom // CLUTCH PURSE: Francesca's // BOOTIES: Dolce Vita // NECKLACES: Banana Republic & Forever 21 // BRACELETS: J Crew // RINGS: Gorjana SUNNIES: ASOS // WATCH: Michael Kors

Guys... this jacket... I DIE! How cute is is!? I found it this past weekend at Nordies and am obsessed. I think it's made out of cotton so it's super light weight. You can totally dress it up with a preppy skirt and some J Crew jewels, or you can rock it casually like I did here with a pair of boyfriend jeans & a t shirt ;) I'm really into mixing structured jackets with ripped jeans/shorts - probably a little too much as I've been wearing them to work all the time and have recently been informed by my boss (who is also my mother) that they are "so not cute and not professional". Whoops! ;)

I also threw in a few thin layered necklaces to add a delicate feminine touch. The thing with these layered necklaces is that you need a few to get the right look... and unfortunately the nice ones are usually $60+! My trick is this: invest in one or two nice layered necklaces (my faves are Gorjana or Banana) and then mix in several cheaper ones - no one will know the difference! The Banana one I found online for you guys but the F21 ones always change every week so I just linked the main page so y'all can browse :) 

Thanks for stopping by! Leave me a comment if you have any thoughts :)

Love ya!


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