The Busy-Working-Girl-Baby-Step Workout Plan

Photography by Jenna Puterbaugh

 So I'm literally the biggest loser blogger because I keep going MIA! I refuse to surrender to my crazy hectic schedule - thus, inconsistency is my jam right now. I don't want to resent my blog - I want to enjoy it. Unfortunately, at the end of a long day of working, visiting with grandparents, bible study, babysitting, emails, etc.... opening up my laptop to edit or blog just seems to take too much energy. Blogging ends up on the back burner ... yes ... it's behind Scandal and Greys. Priorities, right? 

All of that being said, my work out regimen is almost completely non existent. It's getting scary actually. Bikini season is literally around the corner and yet I feel paralyzed by my schedule to get up and move in any increased-heart-beat kind of way. SO - I've decided to share 2 things to aid me in my attempt to slim down for summer, the first is this new thing called Flat Tummy Tea. I know what you're thinking, total hoax. That's exactly what I thought! Fortunately, and at times unfortunately, this stuff WORKS! It's a loose leaf tea that you steep morning and night. It's not magically going to take off 20 pounds by any means, but it reduces bloating like there's no tomorrow! There is something in it that creates "movement" and cleans you out pretty well. If you steep it for longer, the effects will be stronger, if you steep it for shorter, the effects will be lighter. It's a 4 week program and I'm on week 2 and have already felt less bloated. Now, obviously if you're drinking the tea while eating hamburgers every other night and sitting on your bum, you're not going to see results. However, if you eat moderately well you'll definitely feel less bloated! If you work out during this cleanse, you'll see lots of improvements! Which leads me to my second thing...

  I've been trying to figure out what type of consistent work out will fit with my crazy schedule for a while now, but I think the answer is just baby steps. I don't need to feel this burden to do an hr cardio class every night, but if I can commit to doing something small every day at home or the office I think I will see improvements, small improvements, but improvements none the less :) And yes, I'm totally going to become the loser who does arm dips off her hotel bed haha.

So here is my busy-working-girl-baby-step work out plan for the next month... or until my schedule calms down:

 20 squats, 20 push ups, and 20 sit ups every morning and night
1 cardio/sculpt class per week
Lots of Flat Tummy Tea

**I plan to increase the reps as the weeks progress... but I can't scare myself away just yet ;)
** Also, I'm not a health/fitness specialist whatsoever, so this could be the worst workout plan to recommend ha, but this is what works for me so I'm sharing :)

If you have time for longer workouts, here are a few I've done in the past that I LOVE:

Stair Blasting Cardio Circuit
Crop Top Routine
Fat Burning Treadmill Workout
Stretch and Release Yoga


  1. Ur so pretty!!! Love you!!!

  2. These are great tips, I should definitely try to do at least 20 squats and sit-ups (i can barely do any push-ups so not even going to try that haha).