Floral + Stripes

Photography by Zach Andrews

FLORAL STRIPED BLOUSE: Anthropologie // BLACK HIGH WAISTED JEANS: Nordstrom // BLACK HEELS: Michael Kors // SUNNIES: Marc by Marc Jacobs // GOLD WATCH: Michael Kors

If there was a shirt out there that could improve your mood and brighten your day, it would be this one! There are two things that make this long sleeve floral top is amazing... the first is obvious, it's so bright and FLORAL! I'm obsessed with this purple/red color right now - as well as anything floral :) The second is that its actually a STRIPE shirt! If you know me, you know I have too many stripes... like way too many, I just love them!! The floral part of this shirt is actually a mesh overlay on top of a black and white stripe shirt! So, so amazing. The bright & busy pattern/colors going on in this top are enough to carry the outfit without jewelry. Sometimes, the easier the outfit the better, right?

Ok, so I forgot there's a third thing I love about this anthro top... it's ON SALE! When I bought it it was $80 bucks or something... well now its only $35! Such a steal! I will link it below to browse :)

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xo, shar

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  1. This top is definitely everything! Love the florals and stripes mixed in together! Such a gorgeous piece :)