This shoot is just so, so fun I had to share! My good friend Brighton Galvan and I shot a couple looks downtown Carlsbad and just happened to be at the golden hour as we approached this AMAZING backdrop... the middle of an intersection with a super awesome Carlsbad sign! The shots turned out amazing... Brighton you are a wizard with your camera! 

PS, I'm thinking of doing a drugstore makeup haul soon... leave your thoughts on that below! 

xoxo, shar


  1. Hahahaha This looks like it was a super fun shoot to take. I was thinking of how you must to have ran off after the you took that shoot and the light changed to green, but than I scroll down and I actually see you running hahahah (or I least that's what it looked like) Thanks for sharing that you have a fashion blog over the youtube channel other wise I would never known. LOVE IT HUGS

  2. These pictures are amazing! Love your outfit, and it looks like such a fun shoot! :)

  3. Great shoot! I would LOVE to see your drugstore makeup haul. I can't afford high end products and I'd love to see what's inexpensive, but worth buying. Also, could you please do a post about self-confidence? I just effectively got dumped for someone else and I'm feeling so fragile.. any tips on building myself up would be greatly appreciated. X