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So, I'm not sure if any of you are like me...but I really, really, really wish I wore more lipstick. I know that sounds so ridiculous, but honestly it can be difficult to pull off lipstick sometimes. Do you guys know what I mean? I always attempt to be super bold and rock the red lip, but by the time I get in the car and look in the mirror I somehow convince myself that I look better with a nude lipgloss or just plain Chapstick. I know, BORING! SO... I have stepped out of my comfort zone and have invested in 5 amazing shades of lipstick to rock this Spring...  

So, on this new journey to becoming a fierce and bold lipstick wearer, I've picked up a few tips from the pro's at Sephora. First being this Lush Mint Sugar Lip Scrub (also love this one too). Lipstick often drys out my lips, leading to peeling or cracking... and well, ain't nobody got time for that! This lip scrub solves that problem by buffing your lips to create a smooth base for your lip color, and it tastes delicious! You just wet your lips, apply a layer of the sugar scrub, rub your lips together for a few seconds, and then lick it off! Seriously, your lips will feel and your lipstick will look amazing! I definitely recommend this for all of you ladies!

Once you have your pretty little lips all smooth, try this beauty booster lip balm with SPF 15. Honestly, it will save your lips this summer. Mine is clear from Trish McEvoy but I think they replaced them with color tinted ones. Click here to check the colors out.

You can either rock the balm by itself (especially if you use the color tinted one) or you can pair it with a layer of your fav color lipstick. For that extra kick, top it off with THE BEST (well, in my opinion) lip plumper on the market, Sexy Mother Pucker. The name itself is a great conversation starter, let alone the results. I will warn you, the tingling is quite weird in the beginning but only lasts a few seconds. I use the color 'Half Naked'... its the perfect nude shade with a little warm touch of color.

What do you guys think of these colors? Leave me a comment below on which color you like the best! Also, if you have ever used any of the products I mentioned leave me a comment on what you think of them, I wanna know!

xoxo, shar

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