A beautiful heart...

Dress: nick & mo

I received the images from the Nick & Mo catalogue shoot I did a few weeks ago and this shot just was so amazing with the colors in the sunset. I thought it was the perfect backdrop for one of my favorite quotes. 

I've read this quote by C.S. Lewis several times and just love how true it is. It inspires me to chase after the things that matter and focus more time and energy on my inner beauty than my outer. Though fashion is fun and allows for creative expression, the condition of ones heart is so much more important. A beautiful heart is one of the most valuable aspects of a woman. 

It also reminds me to respect myself and keep my standards high. As a single gal myself, I can relate with a lot of you out there... it may be tempting to compromise in relationships, but DO NOT DO IT. Don't settle! Pursue God, pursue bettering yourself, pursue becoming beautiful on the inside and out before you pursue some trashy disrespectful boy in a relationship that will only cause pain and destruction. I hope all the single ladies out there will realize that the only men that are ever worth your time are those who desire to respect and honor you, not those who are immature and self-seeking. Yes, dating the bad boy is fun for a while, but 9 times out of 10 it will lead to heartbreak and pain. Respect yourself enough and wait for the man who is worth your time; a man who sees you as someone to chase and pursue in a pure and godly way. Is that too honest for a secular fashion blog? Ha, maybe....I would actually love to hear your thoughts, email me or comment below if you feel so inclined ;-)

xoxo, shar

Photographer: Tricia Meeter of Equinox Photo and Spohie Mae of Stylish Details. Make up: Laticia Huether of HueLaLa Esthetics. Hair: Elisa Wilson of Elisa K Hair.  


  1. I can relate 100% to what you say. After a few truly unhealthy relationships where I compromised myself to make a boy happy, I have realised that I would rather be happy and single than with someone who drags me down and makes me feel badly about myself. I truly believe that God will bring the right person to me when the time is right, and he will be worth the wait - Avril.