Jean Joggers

Photography by Briana Nolan

WHITE BLOUSE: J Crew // JEAN JOGGER SHORTS: Forever 21 // CONVERSE: Amazon // SUNNIES: Target // RINGS: Gorjana 

Well ladies, there's nothing like a pair of jean running shorts! Sporty yet fashionable ;-) These shorts are so fun! They are a little on the short side, but for a concert or 90's party... you'd be in business! I wore them with this super soft white blouse from J Crew, tied it up and added a pair of converse high tops. I have been on a wedding frenzy this summer... and Ive been out of town like every weekend... life has been craaaazyyyyyyy! I feel like I say this every week, but I will share my Fourth of July trip soon! Real soon... THIS WEEK. Ok I said it, now I have to do it... fingers crossed:) 

Thanks for stopping by! Love you guys!

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