Flare and Florals

 FLORAL FLARE DRESS: Morning Lavender c/o // FLOPPY HAT(similar): Nordstrom // NUDE WEDGES: Nordstrom// TOURTISE OVERSIZED SUNNIES: Morning Lavender c/o

This past weekend one of my best friends got married to the most amazing man. They are literally Barbie and Ken in the flesh. Their wedding was so blissful and enchanting.... and HOT! July weddings in San Diego are always beautiful, but they tend to really promote the glistening look, therefore, less is more when picking a dress. I wore this lovely dress and it was perfect! I love this Morning Lavender dress because its bright and happy with a little touch of sexy with the peek-a-boo opening. Plus, the flare fit is so comfortable! There's nothing worse than wearing a form fitting dress to a wedding where you can't even eat without a serious food baby appearing. Wearing a dress that is form fitting on top, like off the shoulder/crisscross, and flared at the bottom will allow you to still get a sexy look while remaining comfortable throughout the night!

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