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As many of you know, I have a day job as the Director of Marketing for my family's interior design firm in San Diego called Robeson Design! Last year I moved into my own place and desperately needed to call in the reinforcements (AKA Mom ;) to help me fix it up a bit. There is an entire video of this studio transformation (including some of my other apartment/dorm room tours!) on our YouTube channel, Robeson Design. I will link it at the end! My studio apartment is only 350 sq.ft. so I needed to get creative with my storage space. 

Do you live in a small space? Leave me a comment below of what you think of my place and if any of these tips are useful! 

When I first got my place it looked like this... faded cream/yellow/brown walls, popcorn ceilings, 1970's ceiling fan, and some beautifully worn in carpet with a several unsettling stains. I had sweet painter Bob paint those dingy cream color walls a bright white color to add a fresh and clean feel to the space.  

A friend of mine made my wooden headboard (amazingggg tutorial on how to make one for yourself coming in TWO WEEKS on our YouTube channel), Im obsessed with it! You'll come to find out that there is a repetitive theme in my apartment: clean and white. My sheets are all white, my comforter is white (from West Elm -- also another affordable option at Target), my curtains are white... I just love white! I paired two different wooden bedside tables on either side of the wood head board with a lamp on one and pendants above the other for balance.

Trick here: avoid having to get an electric box installed by wiring your pendants with Ikea plug-in cords. I placed a mirror on this wall right where the cords would be so I could hide them a little. 

These two shelves perfectly balance my "living room" wall as they provide symmetry on either side of the sofa!

Bins, bins, bins... its ALL about storage spaces for me! These are all from Homegoods!

My closet... yea I know, it's a daily struggle.

Couldn't find an after shot without our videographer Matthew in the shot ha! Well besides this one...

Annnddd.... my lovely phone booth shower. Shaving is always an interesting feat, as you might imagine.

We had a round iron rod welded so I could hang a sheer curtain around the side of the shower to add a small touch of style to such a small, drab space!

Moving on to the kitchen. Before...


We added a small island for more counter space & storage. Since it's a small space, I needed to make sure it had wheels so I could move it to open either my fridge or cupboard

We added a few bins on top of the fridge for more storage.

We took the cupboard doors off and painted the whole thing white so that my bright colored dished could stand out! This also makes the space feel bigger and more open!

Oh the lovely stains... (barf)

My "office" and "entertainment room" wall ;-)

Id love to know what y'all think of my space! Leave me a comment below or email me if you have any specific questions on the furniture used! I found a few pieces online and have linked them below!

Watch my room tour video!

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  1. Hi I know you made this along time ago but can you tell me were you got everything thank you

  2. Hi Sharrah, where is your sofa from?

  3. My wife likes your apartment. You've got everything you need in this small apartment. Lovely!

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  5. Hello Sharrah! Where did you get your couch? I love the size and color.