Pretty in Plum.

Photography by Jenna Puterbaugh

Sweater: Francesca's c/o (they're sold out, same purple sweater here)
Pants: Nordstrom (25% off and free shipping right now! Hollaa)
Boots: Tory Burch
Necklace: Francesca's c/o
Purse: Francesca's c/o
Sunnies: ASOS

Fall has fallen and so have my sweaters from storage! I am currently obsessed with this color purple right now! Such a deep but fresh shade of purple that is still super fall feeling. I have also jumped on the braid bandwagon... fully inspired by my girl Barefoot Blonde. For some reason Ive always been a little intimidated by braids (I know, that sounds so strange). Does that ever happen to you guys? You get intimidated by something and so you don't even try it because your afraid of failing or not executing it well? I know Im just taking about braids here, but if you've checked out some of those Pinterest braids recently... those things are tough to do well AND photograph them so picturesquely! 

Anywho, enough about hair. I have to say a few things about these pants! I know they aren't the focal point of this post, but they should be! They are black stretch jeans by Citizen of Humanity AND THEY ARE ON SALE! 25% off at Nordstrom, woop woop! Black jeans are such a HUGE staple in my wardrobe during the fall season. They need to be skinny and tight so I can wear them with boots... but still stretchy so that I have some room to "grow" through out the dessert-filled fall season;-) If you're in need of new black stretch pants, check these ones out. I highly recommend ;)

As always, thanks for reading! Leave me a comment below or always email with questions! I love reading and responding to them!

xo, shar.

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  1. Beautiful sweater...adore the elbow patch and color! Fantastic job on your braid too!
    Kellie @

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