The Most Comfortable Beach Towel Ever Invented: The Sand Cloud

Thank goodness its Friday! I have had what feels like THE LONGEST week (yes, even though technically it was a short one)... I could not be happier to just kick back and relax on the beach this weekend. Last week I had a nifty little package at my door from my friends at Sand Cloud. I couldn't open it fast enough because I knew exactly what was in it... the coolest, most obviously convenient  beach towel ever invented

Sand Cloud is a beach towel with a built in pillow...BRILLIANT if you ask me! They come in five different colors (sunset orange, ocean blue, island green, lavender, or pink) and are oh so comfy (mine is in sunset orange). Honestly I love discovering things like this but I also hate it because its SO simple and so convenient that I wish I would have thought of it! But, I didn't and they did so hollaaa to my friends at Sand Cloud (who are San Diego, CA locals by the way ;)! Its my new favorite beach accessory and I will never layout again without it! 

To try out one for yourself, visit to purchase!

Photography by Jenna Puterbaugh Photography 

Bikini: TOP: L Space // BOTTOM: L Space


  1. Hi! I started a blog about shoes, I just published my first 5 posts. I would love if someone besides me and my mom would read it .lol. Also I make youtube videos if want to check them out. Thanks :)

  2. I just hope we have sand cloud here in our country. :) By the way, you look absolutely fabulous, I just thought your summer outfit will be more complete if you can wear sunglasses. :)