Daily Workout: Wednesday - Fat Burning Treadmill Workout

Photography by Steve Cachero

Orange sports bra: nike
Blue sports bra: nike (similar)
Black tie sweatband: halo headbands
Yoga pants: nordstrom
Orange hairband: halo headbands
Sleeveless hoodie: nordstrom

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Wednesday: Fat Burning Treadmill Workout

Happy Hump Day loves! I hope you all have sore legs and abs! I don't know about you but I love when Im sore after working out, it means I actually did something worthy of results! Keep pushing yourself this week as we are half way there. 

I want to take a second to focus on these awesome sweatbands I have on above, they are called Halo Headbands and are the best thing that happened to any active girl with hair on her head who happens to sweat whilst exercising (so most of us) ;-)  They are seriously the only kind of sweatband I wear when I'm working out. They are made out of this patented fabric that is specially designed to absorb sweat and also have this Sweat Block Seal that channels sweat back and away from your eyes and face (amazing during heated yoga sculpt). My two favorite styles are their Tie-Back Headbands and their Halo Hairbands. The first is perfect for cardio activities that cause excessive perspiration** (i.e. hot yoga or running) and the second is perfect for all my long haired ladies to wear while lifting or participating in lighter activities. It has a soft felt lining that won't slip off of your hair while youre moving around. Not only are they really comfortable, but they come in a ton of super fun colors and are really affordable! When you go to order yours, make sure to enter this code in during checkout to receive FREE SHIPPING!  Free shipping code: HALOSHIP11

Today's workout is just cardio; you get a break from muscle toning! This is another one of my favorite fat burning cardio sets from my Tone It Up girls! This one is designed to do on a treadmill but if you don't have access to one just run outside and ignore the incline details, you can just increase and decrease your level of speed. 

Feel the burn ladies! Keep up the good work!

xoxo, shar


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