Daily Workout: Tuesday - Crop Top Routine!

Happy Tuesday! Welcome to DAY 2 of the #sharstyleFITNESS 30 day workout challenge! I hope you all did something active yesterday (if you missed DAY ONE of this challenge you can find it here)! Yesterday I shared one of my favorite Tone It Up cardio/leg workouts... anyone sore?! Today Im switching it up and going to share an awesome arm & ab workout (thats actually more like full body). 

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Tuesday: Crop Top Workout

1. Plank Kick: Tones lower abs, waistline, shoulders and booty (do 15-20 reps on each leg)

Begin in plank position with your hands under your shoulders. Tighten your abs as you slowly lift one leg up using your booty muscles. Complete 20 and then switch sides.

2. Crop Top Fly: Tones the upper back, right where your crop top meets your arms. Also tones lower back, rear shoulders, and core (do 15-20 reps)

Begin with your knees soft and bent at about 45 degrees. Keep your core tight as you bring the weights [or cans or water bottles ;-)] out by your sides. Keep your neck and spine neutral, lower slowly and controlled and repeat 15-20x.

3. Ultimate Waistline Slimmer: Tones the lower abs, obliques, lower back, upper abs, shoulders, upper back and shoulders (15-20 reps)

Start in a strong plank position. Holding onto your light dumbbells (or water bottles or canned goods), have your right arm underneath your shoulders, With a strong core, twist onto the sides of your feet, raising one arm up into the sky. Smile and then return to your plank position. Alternate sides.

4. Sexy Shoulders: Sculpts the shoulders (15-20 reps)

Begin standing with your knees soft and core engaged. Bring your weights in front of your thighs. Lift your elbows up (lead with your elbows) and raise your weights to chest level. Make sure your wrists are neutral and not shaped like a kangaroo ;) Lastly, press up into the sky.

5. Crop Crunch: Tightens and tones the lower abs, obliques, tops of the thighs and strengthens the entire core (do 15-20 reps)

Lay on your back with your hands gently behind your hear. Crunch up using your upper abs while kicking your leg into the air. Twist toward that leg, using your obliques (don't pull on your head or neck). Alternate sides. They hurt oh-so-good!

6. All Over Toner: Tones the core, biceps, sculpts the frond and backs of the thigh and young the booty (15-20 reps)

Begin in standing position with your core engaged and weights by your side. Slowly and controlled, step back behind you in a curtsy lunge (cross your body). Drive all your weight into that front heel as you stand.

7. Downward Kick: Strengthens and tones the shoulders, abs, loser back, and booty (15-20 reps)

With your hands underneath your shoulders, push back into downward facing dog while kicking one leg behind you. Squeeze the booty! Go back down into plank and alternate sides.

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