Hair Talk.

I don't know about you, but about mid-summer (also known as now) I usually start to notice that my hair begins to hate me for all the sun, salt, and heat damage I've put it through the past few months. I'm always switching my products around depending on the season (I once read in a magazine that it's good to mix up the brands you use on your skin and hair so that you don't become immune to their effects, who knows if thats true, but it sounds pretty accurate... right?).

Photography by Lovelock & Co.

Leave-in Detangler: Unite - 7 Seconds
Repair Serum: N4
Round Brush: Sephora
Hairspray: Kenra 25

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I wanted to list out a few of my fav hydrating summer hair products and styling tools for you guys to try out. The Enjoy Luxury Shampoo and Conditioner is literally so amazing because its soooo hydrating and smells soooo yummy! This particular shampoo is actually sulfate-free (much better for your hair... especially if you have extensions like me... shhhh ;). With the conditioner, a little will go a long way! Use it sparingly. (TIP: try to keep your conditioner away from your scalp to avoid weighing down your hair or making your roots look greasy). 

Now... my secret solution to detangling your mane post shower... 7 Seconds by Unite. I promise it will actually detangle the nastiest of knots in 7 seconds or less, aka it's a godsend! After that I usually apply the N4 Repair Serum to the ends of my hair and then brush it out as I blow-dry (I'm thinking of doing a few hair styling tutorial videos: how to round brush blow-dry, loose waves, straightening hair while maintaining volume, etc... thoughts? Leave me a comment below or email me other hair ideas you would want to learn about!)

Once my hair is fully dry I usually do a once over with my Kenra hairspray before I start styling my crazy locks. It will help hold the curl or the flatness AND it will make your hair smell delicious :) 

And now, a few of my favorite shots of my hydrated locks after using my secret formula above ;)

I always love reading your comments and emails so keep them coming!

xo, shar


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