Design a Dress with Piol

Dress: Piol c/o
Heels: zara (signed by NASCAR racer Dale Earnhardt Jr. ;-)
Bracelets: bejeweled beads.

I am in love with this dress for a few reasons. First, every time I wear it I get tons of compliments. Which is most likely because the second reason I love this dress: I was able to custom design it myself! I selected the neckline, silhouettte, skirt, sleeve, fabric, and tailored it to my exact measurements. The dress is by Piol Dresses, they are an online custom dress company that can literally create a dress that is perfect for your skin tone, hair color, and body type. 

The design process alone is exciting! The only thing I wish I had when making my selections was a real life example or picture to reference my different options (like the neckline, sleeve, etc). I've added my selections below on the dress above so you can see a real life picture to reference when you're designing your dress! First they have you select your skin tone, hair color, and eye color to determine the correct color palette of fabrics for you to choose from (medium blonde hair, blue eyes, fair skin).  Then you select your silhouette, (tailored), this part is based purely off of your body type. They offer really insightful information to help you make your selection based on what you want to highlight and what you want to conceal. Next you choose your favorite fabric (faded floral no, 1),  neckline (mid v neck), skirt (short full skirt), and sleeves (fitted cap sleeves). After you make all of your selections you just add in your sizes and thats it! (Quick tip here: if you want the skirt a little shorter than their standard 3 inches above the knee, make your height a few inches shorter and the skirt will be a little shorter ;-) I'm 5'6 but I think I entered in 5'4 so the dress came up 5 inches above my knee). A few weeks later you'll have a perfectly tailored dress at your doorstep! So, so, so fun! 

Stay calm and design on! 

xoxo, shar


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