yes sur big daddy road trip

A few months ago I went on a road trip to Big Sur, CA with a few of my friends from college for our friend Brighton's birthday. This post serves as an official document that it is possible to laugh way too hard, have way too much fun, and take WAY too many photos. Enjoy peeps. 

And, Happy Birthday Brighty :)

Ok, so to quickly introduce you to the group...
My absolutely gorgeous and incredibly sweet friend from my college days, Ronnie Escamillia. This creative hottie has the best instagram pictures (and the best insta followers with speedy double-tapping thumbs) of cool artsy, hipster things. I want to be like Ronnie when I grow up.
Ladies and Gentlemen, male model Wesley Wilson. This guy is the most motivated and focused dude of our generation. 
Coming soon to a conference hall near you: how to be a badass business man by 21.
My hilarious & corky best friend who has the most beautiful eyes ever... like ever, Megan Kilpatrick.  This drop-dead gorgeous babe from Lompoc, CA survived (and actually thoroughly enjoyed) her childhood as the truest (and hottest) tomboy in Cali. With 3 brothers and all guy friends, Megan spent her days dabbling in goat feeding, mud sliding, and violent video game playing. That is until the age of 18 when she was forced to bunk up with #shar-style in college. I exposed her to the bright side of fashion, beauty, and why its important to refrain from loud belching in public. In turn, Megan taught me how to become more adventurous, how to utilize YouTube for incredibly embarrassing (yet epic) dance moves, and her secret on how to become a millionaire (by age 150) by turning in one recyclable at a time. Though we are complete opposites, we make for perfect friends. Megan has become a badass esthetician and now gives me beauty tips, but don't worry, she still engages in her tomboy activities of goat feeding and mud sliding whenever she visits home ;) I love you Meg!
My super artistic and creative friend who happens to now be a year older AND YET still maintains to have incredible jumping skills, Brighton Galvan. He also goes by the mysterious nickname "Duce" and has never explained how or why we all call him that. 
 If you will direct your attention to the tall, dark and handsome fella on the right, Aaron Galvan, who apparently doesn't like taking photos by himself (there literally aren't any of just him from the entire trip). Aaron is also the loving brother of birthday boy Brighton. He too goes by a unique and mysterious nickname: Ernst and/or Ernie. 
Our first stop: the smelly, smelly sea lions. Yes, all those oblong masses to the right of our group are actually thousands of barking beached sea lions. They drew in quite a crowd and developed quite a stench.
Birthday boy Brighton happens to be an EXTREMELY talented photographer. The backdrop was way too gorgeous to not stop for a shar-style photo op ;-) 
(Brighton and I actually ended up doing a little outfit shoot here, but that will be another post) 

Good things come in three's...

That is... until you make those faces. Thank you Ronnie for remaining effortlessly gorgeous amidst the awkward photo pose (I hate you). 
Selfie Nation: lets take a selfie. 

Behind the scenes ;-) 
Love these ladies.

 We found this outlook point with the most amazing view of the cliffs.  

 Megan and I decided to go adventuring... 

 Which turned into Megan attempting to swing from branches...
...which then led to a little afternoon tree climbing... in high heel booties.

Blessed to have such a good friend in my life, for life. Love you Megan.

 Before we continued on our journey through Big Sur, we decided that we needed a jumping picture... 
First try...
 Third is always a charm....
 We snapped this awesome group shot and then hopped back in the car to the next beautiful destination...
 Pfeiffer Beach, you are a sight for sore eyes...
 Take. Me. Back.
 Panorama shot of God's gorgeous creation. 
 Rain or shine, we were committed to taking pictures.
 We stopped off at the Big Sur Bakery and Restaurant to dry off and grab some lunch. It was the cutest little quaint spot tucked back in the cliffs. Its the best place in Big Sur to grab coffee or brunch, I'd definitely recommend it to anyone planing a trip up there!
On the way home we stopped off in Santa Barbara to visit our sweet friend Janae. This little lady has the most amazing hipster house. I was literally drooling over her adorable porch and dreamy front windows... not to mention the detailed crown molding and wood floors. Honestly, Janae I call dibs when you need another roommate. 

Big Sur, despite your rain and sporadic fog patches, you sure didn't disappoint. Thank you Brighton for being born so we could drive an ungodly amount of miles to celebrate you and make a plethora of new memories that will last a lifetime ( that its officially been documented on the internet). And lastly, let us never forget that this glorious strip of California coastline has been officially renamed: Yes Sur Big Daddy. Until next time...

xoxo, shar

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