I have nothing to wear

So my AMAZING photographer Ashley Wingo is not only uber talented behind the camera, but she is a smoking hot mamma of four adorable hipster children. She is also an incredible writer who has the cutest family blog called House of Lovelock, if you like reading mommy/family blogs, this one should definitely be on your list! Her sweet babes came along with us on the last shoot we did and they were SO well behaved. Thank you kiddos for helping and being so patient!

T-shirt: screened.
Shorts: true religion (from a LONG time ago, found these ones for an affordable & cute option!)
Sunnies: revolve clothing.
Sneakers: mint shoes (again, from FOREVER ago. Obsessed with these and these lately)

shop this look:

Well, it's Monday again and so I have brought you some casual-wear eye candy that will make your grunge look super pinterest-trendy ;-) How to solve the "I-have-nothing-to-wear" mindset? Embrace it... by wearing it on your shirt! I found this t-shit on Pinterest a while back and thought this top was hilarious because I feel this way ALL the time. So, instead of wearing yoga pants and a tank top on those days when you randomly develop a 48 hr coldness toward everything in your closet, just rock this cute tee, a pair of shorts and cute sneaks ;-) No one will ever know you're even having an I-didn't-actually-want-to-get-ready-this-morning type of day.

If you do order this shirt, order it a size or two LARGER! I ordered a small and medium and the small was like an x-small! Even the medium (the size Im wearing) is smaller than how I'd like it to fit.

If you're an x-small t-shirt size and you would want to win this shirt, go to my instagram and check out the giveaway!

xoxo, shar

photos by: Ashley Wingo of Lovelock&Co, click here to see more of her work!

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