blue leather.

 Sweater: ann taylor.
Jacket: studio 1220 (loving this one and this one also).
Jeans: diesel.
Booties: revolve clothing.
Clutch: revolve clothing (similar).
Scarf: studio 1220 (last season, obsessing over this one and this one right now).

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In an effort to send warmth to all those back east who are still thawing from the recent snow storm... in April... this cozy street look is for you. I know, I know, when you're nice and warm in bed and its next to freezing outside the last thing you want to do is dress cute. If you're anything like me, you actually tempt yourself with the thought of either wearing your snuggie to work or rocking that hideous high school hoodie that you swear was made from silkiest, softest cotton from the heavens because no matter how many times you wash it, it still feels gloriously soft. Don't do it, there is another way. Its an easy equation... thick sweater + medium-light leather jacket + jeans + a scarf + warm, warm booties (depending on your location you might add a top coat too) = warm, hip, and effortlessly cute. I swear, scarfs are the key to every lazy day approach to an outfit. This blue leather jacket is AMAZING. The color, the fit, the (p)leather... and its still for sale! Sad day for me because I just realized my favorite booties (the Dolce Vita ones in this post here and here) are officially sold out... BUT the good news is that I have found almost an exact replica by Steve Madden! Stay warm east coasters ;-)

xoxo, shar

photos by: sean marin. follow @seanistoomuch on instagram or go to to see more of his work!