Life gets crazy around here, and sometimes paragraphs are too intimidating at the end of the day, so why not share a photo journal to peek into the last 2 months? Enjoy!

^^ I filmed a tutorial with my brother on how to DIY a wood wall...

^^ A shiplap wood wall to be exact! .... watch the video here!

^^ Filmed a tutorial in my apartment on how to maximize your budget and your space when redecorating a small apartment! Watch that video here!
^^ Celebrated the end of an amazing project at our client's big reveal party...

^^ And wore this chartreuse getup ;-)

^^ Like seriously?! How amazing is this view?!

^^ Filmed a fun DIY Dorm Room Decor series! (Watch that video here :)

^^ Filmed a tutorial on how to DIY these adorable "pinteresty" notebooks :) (Watch that video here!)

^^ Filmed a tutorial on how to DIY these super cute state-gramed wine glasses for your little/roommate ;-) (Watch that video here!)

^^ Filmed a fun Star Wars video with Khol's for Halloween ... you'll be able to watch that video soon! 

^^ Who knew I could inspire a Star Wars getup?! ;-)

^^ Was struggle city while filming my new Christmas series ....

^^ Anndddd.... went mildly nuts at  Michael's in their Christmas decor aisle .... whoopsie!

^^ Filmed An AMAMZING DIY on how to make these adorable white paper trees (coming soon!)

^^ Spoke at an event (with my momma on social media)

^^ Planned an event (for back to school supplies with SD Salvation Army Echelon!)

^^ Danced at an event (aka Florida Georgia Line concert with my babes)

^^ Served at an event (an AMAZING event with Friends of Bethany called Beautifully Flawed - guys, this is an incredible group of girls! Check out more on the retreat here!)

^^ Then finally took a day off (And slept 12 hrs... ;-0 !!!)

^^ Developed a thing for cheese boards....

^^ And other boards....

^^ Took beach photos with my gal pals...

^^ And took selfie stick photos with my GC pals (GC = Group Chat... a group chat that is 2.5 YEARS STRONG... now that's an accomplishment, right?!?)

^^ Finally got back in the office, and rocked the top bun for a solid 3 weeks haha...

^^ Had a few serious meetings with Sugar, my parents fluffy dog :)

^^ Then got serious in a bible study together, we are loving the new Revelation BSF study!

^^ Shot a few cute outfits for the blog.... like this one....

^^...and this one...

^^ ... and this one...
^^ ... and this one!
^^ Had a bridal fitting for an upcoming creative bridal collaborative shoot! Obsessed with the bridal boutique The Dress Theory, seriously SO adorable!
^^ Celebrated my beautiful friend and her fiancé on their engagement!!
^^ She's a total babe ;-)

^^ Tried embarrassingly hard to take a good group photo of the girls with the groom.... and epically failed haha
^^ And ended the weekend tonight with these cute studs for my nephew Ford's (on the right) birthday dinner!
Yes, he melts my heart! Happy birthday bud!

Well, that about covers the last 2 months y'all! Follow along daily on Snapchat (@sharrahrobeson) and Instagram  (@sharstyleblog) - lots of fun stuff happening this month in the DIY world for holiday inspiration & decor so go follow along! Im working on redesigning my blog to include all the diy decor tutorials Ive been working on recently! In the meantime you can check them out on my channel How To: Live Your Style  :) Have an awesome Monday!!

xo, shar


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