What a Year...

I wanted to blog about some of the most memorable, fun, exciting, silly moments in 2014 so that I would never forget these prime years of my life. I used to always live in the next season, hoping and wishing for the perfect guy and dreaming of having a bunch of kids (I know, I'm crazy town). 

I've realized I can't keep doing that. I need to live in today and remember every second of it. 

Marriage and babies will be such a rewarding season of life, but I won't be able to walk around in my underwear whenever I want and have cereal and ice cream for dinner when I'm married. This single season (and I'm referring to single as unmarried -- with or without a boyfriend) is an opportunity to take adventures, to grow, to cry, to learn tough lessons, to laugh with your girlfriends until 2 in the morning, to binge watch netflix or hulu for 5 hrs straight, to go on random hikes and take spontaneous road trips ... to do whatever you want! I want to document this season so I can look back when I'm happily married with 4 kids and remember the amazing memories I made when I was 23. 

SO, I went through the last 12 months in my iPhoto and compiled my top memories below to share :) 
I hope your 2014 was full of some amazing memories and I pray the 2015 has plenty more to come!

Dear 40 year old me, here is what you did in 2014...

You started working for Robeson Design.

You had a thing for taking photos in bathtubs, at work parties and....

In wedding dresses (for San Diego Style Weddings magazine)

You dressed up like a bride... several times, in fact.

Shot this gorgeous blush bridal gown (for SDSW magazine).

Shot another bridal segment for KUSI.

You shot a commercial for an awesome new app, Fan Pics.

You hit 100,000 page views on your blog in May!

And 200,000 page views on your blog 7 months later!

Did your first ever work out post on the blog.

You had nothing to wear...

Welcomed the birth of this dreamy baby nephew, Smith Fitzgerald Robeson.

Snagged a photo with all 3 of these adorable nephews with no one looking in the same direction.

You started having date nights with these two babes every other week ;)

Went to stagecoach with these beauties!

And then proceeded to jump on a trampoline with a dangerous flag pole (what girls will do for a photo...)

Took a selfie with your best friend Megs.

You stomped the divots at at polo match.

You drank waayyyyyy too much diet coke.

You met your incredible boyfriend Tyler for the first time after he photo bombed this picture :)

What a handsome guy he is :)

You enjoyed many, many sunsets on the beach.

And enjoyed many, many laughs together being such kids at heart.

Especially when he tried on your "animal" .... aka extensions....  (Sorry babe).

You even endured the Movember stach ;-)

You kissed a lot in 2014...

 On cliffs...

In restaurants...

At the beach...

 In the woods.... in front of your best friend.... (YES, that was a planned haha)

Even by yourself at the eye doctor ;)

But you smiled even more :)

In NYC with your best friend!

At dinner with your bae.

On road trips up the coast...

On road trips in the mountains...

On road trips taking selfies ;)

With donuts .... ?

With Megs on her birthday

While getting glitter poured all over your head....
When jumping out of planes!!

With all of your friends in Big Bear :)

On your 24th birthday!

On New Years!

You took lots of adventures...

You went to NYC (twice)

In winter,

And then again in summer.

To North Carolina for Market.

To San  Francisco to speak at an Instagram event.

To the river for some R and R.

To Napa (more kissing).

To Big Sur.

To Manhattan Beach (every other weekend to see Tyler :)

To Big Bear for Megan's birthday (in a 6 person sweater!)

You even traveled all the way up to LA to get the most adorable little car!

All in all...

You spent time with family...

Made amazing memories with friends...

And met the most incredible man, all in 2014!

Here's to a fabulous 2015!

xoxo, shar

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