Lime Green + Faux Fur

Photography by Jenna Puterbaugh

LIME GREEN BLOUSE: Vince Camuto // FUR VEST: Francesca's (sold out, found other affordable ones at Forever 21 here// NECKLACE (similar):BaubleBar // BLACK HIGH WAISTED PANTS: TopShop // RIDING BOOTS: Tory Burch // SUNGLASSES: WildFox // BLACK CLUTCH BAG: Marc by Marc Jacobs

Kicking off this fabulous new year with a pop of color and some cozy faux fur. So I'm totally gushing over this lime color right now, its more of a chartreuse yellow, really. I think it looks so so amazing with the contrast of the dark brown vest. I accessorized it with some feminine bling on my necklace, a pair of the comfiest high waisted black jeans (and if you know me, you know how big of a deal it is for me to find a pair of jeans that I LOVE -- but when I do it just makes me so happy that I have to share with everyone, especially when they are only $65 bucks!) and my fav black riding boots :)

I'm not usually one for New Years resolutions, but today I've been thinking a lot about different changes I want to make for 2015. I'm planning on sharing a few of them on the blog later this week, but I thought I would leave off with this:

I want 2015 to be my bettering year. Sounds strange, I know. That's probably not even a word, but it sounds just right as I type it. I want to make this year my year for bettering myself physically, emotionally, spiritually, fashionably, communication-ally, professionally, and relationally. I want to grow as a human and challenge myself to embrace the discomfort of change. I'm sure I just sound so cliché right now, but I mean it. I want to take risks and go on adventures with those that I love. I also want to turn off netflix & hulu and stop drinking diet coke.... butttt we'll see how those turn out ;-)

I want to challenge myself with this little blog that I have started. Whether I'm sharing my gym journeys, my (hopefully spontaneous) road trips, or my real-life struggle with becoming a more beautiful person on the inside, I plan to journal it all here on my blog -- along with lots of fabulous outfits to shop and pin (if you use pinterest and are reading this right now.... feel free to PIN your favorite Shar-Style look and I will love you forever!)

I love this blog and love all of you who read it each week. Though I don't know most of you, I feel like I do. Your emails, comments, DM's etc are so so awesome and really do encourage me. Keep sharing your heart and lives with me as I do with you -- lets make 2015 our best year yet!

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  1. This vest is beautiful, and I love your necklace!