iPhone Diary

^^ The most delicious caprese salad you will ever encounter — found at L’Abuerge in Del Mar, if you’re ever in the area you must go there for brunch
^^ A candid with my bae after brunching with the parents :) // TOP // SUNNIES
^^ The instagram version of a blog shoot // ROMPER
^^ The snapchat (real) version of a blog shoot // TOP
^^ Super excited to share the new Fall/Spring line of Nick & Mo Clothes with you all very soon! Had so much fun on set with them!
^^ Absolutely love this new hair wear brand Lemons & Lace! They sent me a few headbands to style and I fell in love 

^^ 20-something & single meals… the good life ;)
^^ Spent an afternoon at the races… admission: only watched half of one race (I mean I only went for the dress and cute hat, obviously ;) DRESS // HAT (last season, similar here)
^^ Some of my nearest and dearest // TOP // PANTS
^^ My best friend and partner in crime, we call her Megs // HEADBAND
^^ Showering Meteors with my babes
^^ Nothing like a 2AM flash in pure darkness up on a mountain somewhere…
^^ though we only saw a few showering meteors… we did capture this epic photo… way to go Zach Andrews Photography
^^ I have a new reason to LOVE Mondays because I get to watch these heartthrobs while my brother and sister-in-law have a date night. I will soon know all the words to Cars 1 and Frozen and I love everything about that. These little boys (plus one more who is 3 months old and was sleeping) bring me so much joy and are constantly cracking me up and making me smile. Oh how I love them…
^^ How can anyone resist that face?!
^^ Unfortunately (and kind of fortunately in a weird way) my boyfriend lives in Manhattan Beach; Ive become a huge fan of trains, paradise bowls (picture below), and cliche couples sunset pictures (don’t worry, Im only sharing 2). 
^^ I am one lucky lady 
^^ The instagram version of the home office life ^^
^^ The snapchat (real) version of the home office life
^^ This last month has been a big one for Robeson Design (if you don’t know what that is, click here to see more on what we do!). We have our very own big time offices with our very own sign! Proud moment for sure :) 
^^ My 9-6 view… Im still working on decorating my office, pictures to come on that when its done!
^^ Perks of the job, filming cooking videos for YouTube with my Mom :)
^^ Every girl has a little wild side ;-) // PANTS // HEELS
^^ Had to post one of the centerpiece my lovely momma created for my Grandfather’s 90th birthday party… so gorg!
^^ My amazing Grandpa on his birthday. I just love this man :) // TOP
^^ A trip to Grandma & Grandpa's in Laguna
^^ Lastly, one more of this hunk… because I can ;) 

Happy Thursday friends! 



  1. I made the blog?!? Big time status :) I adore you

  2. Were all these photos taken on an iPhone? The quality is fantastic. What a great way to keep a diary!

  3. Thank you, finally some fashion related blog for men else I always get women fashion blogs. Love all the things and will go for them for sure.