studio 1220 giveaway!

OK ladies, I am SOOOO excited about this giveaway from one of my favorite boutiques! Studio 1220 is giving away 2 amazing scarves for one of you lucky ladies! To be completely honest,  I have been reallll tempted to keep these for myself, I LOVE the colors and the different styles. The first scarf is a black and white infinity scarf and is suuuper cozy and fun! The second scarf is a lighter fabric and will literally go with everything because of its trio of brown, black, and nude colors. I posted a pic of each below... I promise you do not want to miss this giveaway!

Scarf 1: 

Scarf 2:

How To Enter:

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I used to always tie my scarfs the same way and recently decided I wanted to spice it up, I discovered there are like literally A BILLION different ways to tie them... I'm thinking of doing a how-to post on a few of my favorite different ways to wear scarfs. Comment below if you would like to see something like that! The contest will close next sunday night and the winner will be randomly selected and announced Monday morning! Good luck!

xoxo, shar.

photos by: sean marin. follow @seanistoomuch or go to to see more of his work!


  1. Just discovered your blog and would love to see new ways for scarves. A scarf is like a piece of clothing . It can really make an outfit !! Looking forward to seeing more of you :) Thanks, Kathy

    1. I totally agree Kathy! Thanks for your feedback! I will be posting a scarf tutorial soon!

  2. Hi Shar,
    Love your style and have been a big fan of your fashion shots (thanks to your mom's posts) as well as your mom's videos. I'm an Interior designer on the EC, in VA. Believe it or not, but I've not gotten on the scarf trail yet. Years back, I couldn't figure out how to tie them, am a tad chesty - so wasn't sure about wearing them. Guessed wrongly that it was just a fad...i mean after all, honey I live in VA, which most of the time is pretty hot and humid. Anyway, If I win one of the scarfs, I'll be absolutely delighted to wear it, and have a photo taken so you can see it on me :)

    PS: Really enjoyed the episode where you were moving into your new "beach" apartment. Looked great. Hope you're enjoying it. You do seem to enjoy life so much :)

    1. Heather,
      First of all, LOVED your sweet comment... I always appreciate when readers take the time to write me! I think it is so awesome that you also follow my Mom, she is great isn't she? I am very grateful that she supports me in all I do and that she so graciously will give me a shout out here and there :)

      I will find out the winner of the scarf contest this afternoon, check back later today or tomorrow for the contest winner announcement! As always, thank you for reading, its readers like you make this worth it! xoxo

  3. How boring to see your infinity scarf on the same way of tying. And from this kind of situation, you can discover lots of many ways to tie it and there you have it. You’ve come up to the different ways of tying your scarf and you’re sharing it. Thanks for sharing! :) ;)