day to night outfit.

 Blouse: zara (similar). 
Shorts: express.
Jacket: studio 1220 (love this one too).
Necklace: h&m (love this one and this one too).
Bracelet: j crew.
Watch: michael kors.

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First of all, please forgive me for my ghostly white appearance! I have been working (indoors, obviously) nonstop and desperately need some sun -- I am literally almost translucent! Anyway... on to todays outfit -- which I honestly LOVE. I like all of the outfits I post and I always make sure each outfit authentically reflects my style, but I don't always end up LOVING the way they photograph. This outfit is one of those that turned out great and really is such a fun, transitional outfit.

I recently transitioned from a job back East where I worked remotely from home. Working from home has its pros and cons. Ironically, the thing I loved most about it became the thing I hated most about it! That thing being the freedom to wear whatever I wanted to work... AKA getting to work in yoga pants and big flowy t-shirts everyday! I know, it sounds great at first but trust me, eventually you begin to long for the days when you had to wake up 3 hrs before work just so you had enough time to "paint the barn" AND stare hopelessly at your closet muttering aloud to yourself over and over that you have absolutely NOTHING to wear. Am I the only one who has done that?! Well, now I have started working with a company here in San Diego where I actually go into an office... with a dress code! I have returned to the lovely days of painfully early mornings and frustrating conversations with my full, yet somehow devastatingly empty, closet!

This new job has challenged me to put together outfits that are not only fashionable but also professional, comfortable, and.... my favorite: transitional! An outfit that can be worn in the office AND out with friends later that night is the ultimate success for the fashionable working woman ;-) There are SO many things that I LOVE about this outfit. For starters: the necklace paired with that j crew bracelet, so amazing together and both are on SALE, hollaaa! That white ruffle blouse is amazing and it has such a high neckline that it looks great with any statement necklace. Those wedge heels by Jeffrey Campbell are from Nordies and they are literally the most comfortable black shoe I have ever purchased... ever. Side note: while were talking about it, the second best black heel Ive ever bought would be this amazing Michael Kors pair of heels (shout out to my friend Hillary for telling me about them!) They are conservative enough to wear to work, yet fashionable enough to wear out on the town... and if I haven't emphasized it enough, both pairs are SO comfortable! Lastly, the red vegan leather jacket from Studio1220 might just be my favorite thing in my closet right now. The cut is fabulous and I think the jacket looks really high-end and luxurious (and its only $76!). I hope you ladies enjoyed this outfit as much as I do! I'd love to know what you love most about it! Leave me a comment in the box below!

xoxo, shar.

photos by: sean marin. follow @seanistoomuch on instagram or go to to see more of his work!


  1. I featured 2 of your outfits in my Blog Inspiration post on my blog. I truly love your style and I would really appreciate it if you can check my post out -

    1. Thank you babes... just left a comment on the post! You are awesome, thanks again!

  2. Sharrah, I have a confession… I have logged in to your blog weekly since you first started this journey. I'm always amazed at how beautiful you look and how cute the outfits are that you have pulled together. I have even clicked on some of the links to check out the pieces. It wasn't till just now that I realized you actually write a fun, informative and personal message with each post. I know Right!! How crazy is that! I have read 2 posts now and I'm so proud of you. I have always thought of you as a very good writer and my opinion has only been confirmed here. I love you Sharrah and am behind you all the way!