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Must-Have Monday!

This outfit is so cozy & comfortable, perfect for Fall weather. This Monday the must-have is this Madewell pull-over sweater! The color is gorgeous and the stripe adds some style to a rather basic pull-over. This sweater is perfect for those cold mornings when you just want to be warm and comfy. Best of all... this sucker is now on sale! Click the link below to get one for yourself! 

xoxo, Shar.

Sweater: madewell. Jeans: hudson. Watch: marc jacobs. Clutch: hobo. Sunnies: ray ban. Boots: dv. Earrings: nordstrom.  

photos by: Ashley Wingo. Follow @houseoflovelock to see more of her work!  


  1. Love this look Sharrah! The cape & the boots, love love love!

    Smiles from Nia

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    1. Thank you Nia!! Im so glad you liked this outfit, its one of my faves :) Thank you so much for the comment!!!

  2. Where did you get the top? I love it!