Fit and Flare Dress

Photography by Jenna Puterbaugh


Im finally back to blogging!! Gosh, I think its been close to 6 months or something -- crazy. I was so overwhelmed with a few different video series I had been working on that blog time just kind of got eaten up. So much has happened since my last blog post. Some tough stuff like my boyfriend and I breaking up (real talk), then there was a period of time where I was considering changing jobs, a family member passed away and both of my childhood dogs went to doggie heaven. BUT, God is so good! A lot of the tough times brought my family closer and really taught me that life is so short, so LIVE it to the fullest.

Even bigger news: My boyfriend and I got back together (such a happy, gushy story that I will tell at a later date) and recently just got ENGAGED!! I can't wait to blog about that whole story soon :)

I am so obsessed with this dress! Something about the neckline and the cut of this dress is just incredible! Its one of those dresses that I feel so pretty in, keeper! I wore this cute little number to a wedding this past summer, and then never wore it to another wedding again... because I posted it on insta! Can anyone else relate to that dilemma? Im beginning to think I just need to get over it because this dress is too cute to put on the shelf!

Thats all for today loves! Have fun browsing some of my favorites below!

xo, shar

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  1. This dress is stunning, I loved it when I saw it and then saw the back of it!! I'm glad you are back to blogging, and congratulations on your engagement! I saw it on instagram. Also it's good to hear about people going through tough times but seeing it all passes :)

  2. I am so thrilled to hear about your engagement! When I saw it on instagram, I thought it was so cute and I'd love to see a blog post on it. Would you consider doing a relationship advice kind of post? I'm 27 and feeling like I'll never meet "the one"...

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  5. I like how clean and crisp your blog is. The photograpy is amazing and the dress looks great on such a pretty model!

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