Bathroom Makeover: Eliminating Common Eyesores

Watch this tutorial here :)

So the last few weeks I have been working on a fun video series on different spring cleaning DIY's to makeover my bathroom! Seeing that its that time of year to tidy up and organize life, I thought I would share the series here on my blog as well! The first up is today's how to tutorial on How To: Eliminate Common Bathroom Eyesores! I would love to know what you think, leave me a comment if you have any other bathroom DIY's that you would love to see on our channel!!

 In this first video you'll learn how to fix up your rusted medicine cabinet...

Update your aged toilet paper holder...

Andddd.... re-caulk your sink!

Anyone love this color as much as I do?!!


  1. As a fellow Southern CA gal, I LOVE your blog! I've been debating getting my nose pierced for years and (not to sound like a creep) but I love the way your nose ring looks. Were you ever nervous about the hole it would leave/ if you were to take it out do you think the hole would be an issue? Also where did you get your hoop? I'm a little older and probably wouldn't be able to wear mine for so many years due to the profession I'm choosing but the itch to get one has never gone away and I might just take the plunge.

    1. Hello! You're so sweet! And no thats not weird at all! I wasn't nervous about the hole because I got it pretty young but as I have gotten older I get a little worried about it. I got mine in San Diego, at this place called Inigma in Pacific Beach!!

  2. I enjoyed the video. Great bathroom make-over! Thanks for the ideas!