What's in your beach bag?!

{bikini: target(top & bottom), sandals: dolce vita, sunnies: marc jacobs}

I thought I would share a few of my beach bag must haves for summer. I know, I know, its still Spring! Well over here in San Diego its like 98 degrees already... AND we're in the middle of a santa ana (crazy dry wind storm). Its feeling a whole lot more like Summer beach weather these days! SO...  let't get into it...

To highlight a few of my absolute faves: 

#1&2: Any suit by L Space is a total necessity. I discovered their suits a few years ago and fell in love. They're the perfect mix of comfortable and sexy. I mean, lets be real, if you're going to strut around half naked for hours on end you need to feel sexy while still being completely comfortable! L Space has done just that. Also, as some of you might have noticed, I'm a little, uhm, smaller chested.... well their fringe bikini tops are SO flattering for the upper halves of all women (especially those in the itty bitty titty committee ;-).

#7: Ok ladies, a girlfriend of mine turned me on to this Nivea lip moisturizer. It is INCREDIBLE. You wont want to stop applying it because it makes your lips feel so smooth, and its great for summer because it has SPF 10 in it!

#8 The skinny on self tanner: Obviously the best fake tan on the market is a custom airbrush tan (not to be confused with a machine operated spray tan... a waste of your money I think). BUT in the event that you can't get to your nearest airbrush tanner, don't worry I'm about to change your life. Go to Target and pick up these L'OREAL self-tanning towelettes. They've become my new best friend these days. I use them at night after I shower, shave, and exfoliate. Just use one towelette and make sure to evenly go over the areas seen most (arms, chest, neck, back, legs.... and stomach of you're going to the beach!). Air dry for a bit, throw on some loose jammies and get into bed (lightly ha). The next morning I just hop in the shower (lukewarm water) and rinse off for 10 seconds to get rid of the lovely self tanner smell. Moisturize well (Hempz lotion is my absolute favorite lotion of ALL TIME, seriously ask anyone who knows me. It smells DELICIOUS) after and repeat those steps until you've reached your desired tan!

Photography by Ashley Wingo.

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