be my valentine.

Dress: express.
Shoes: nordstrom.
Earrings: baublebar.
Bracelets: j crew (bracelet 1, 2, 3)
Purse: nordstrom.
Sunnies: asos.

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So I really never go into Express, that is unless I am looking for work skirts, and in that case I might make a pit stop (they have fantastic work skirts;)). Honestly, its hit or miss to find really cute stuff there, but the other day I walked by and their 40% off sign was sparkling in the window and I just couldn't resist. I found THE CUTEST DRESS EVER! And it was stinking 40% off... AND STILL IS! I really don't know why but they are still hosting their 40% off sale... storewide! The dress is super preppy and perfect for Valentine's day! The black and white stripes are perfect for spring, they give the dress such a feminine and classy Jackie-O flare!

Ok so because I am currently obsessed with j crew bracelets, Im going to let you in on a little j crew secret: don't buy their jewelry unless its on sale! They have a super quick turn over on jewelry and in 3-4 weeks it will usually be 25-40% off. I usually check the "sale" tab on their site OR I will go to the j crew factory site. If you don't know about j crew factory you are missin out! Watch out when you visit these sites, you are going to literally want to buy everything! Last but not least, do those shoes look familiar to you? Do the red soles bring a certain brand name to mind? Well they aren't the real deal. Get excited ladies... soon I will do a tutorial on how to turn your budget conscious pumps into red-soled Louboutin stilettos!

I hope you ladies have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

xoxo, shar

photos by: sean marin. follow @seanistoomuch on instagram or go to to see more of his work!

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