what the weather?!

Sweater: studio 1220 (love this one too). Blouse: ASOS. Jeans: j brand. Boots: zara. Necklace: F21. Sunnies: ray ban. Bracelets: F21

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Those who live in San Diego will understand the title of Today's post. Our weather can be quite indecisive during these winter months. Those of you who are quite literally freezing in the snowy parts of the world, I am actually very jealous of your snowy weather! At least its consistent in it's snowiness! In San Diego it will be 73 and sunny one day and the next day it will be freezing (to us ;-)) in the 40's. Ok, so I might be a wimp when it comes to the cold, I can accept that ;-) Reminds me of this hilarious episode of Jimmy Kimmel a few weeks ago about how ridiculous the LA weather guys sound complaining about our weather (to watch click here, its hilarious). 

My tiny little beach apartment doesn't have heat (nor does it retain heat) so the last few days I have been bundled up like an eskimo, cuddled next to my small floor heater. Like I said before, I am jealous of those of you who have snowy weather right now. I would love to know what it is like to wake up and see snow outside on the ground! Having only lived through sun & lite rain, I obviously only consider the positives of snow.... ahh-ing and oooh-ing at the beauty of snow covered everything, lots and lots of hot christmasy drinks all the time (yes, I know we can do that here, but I would imagine it is SO much better when its snowing), and the many many layers and sweaters (AND boots) you would get to wear for months at a time. If its snowing outside where you live, leave me a comment about what its REALLY like to live in the snow!

Speaking of sweaters... I should probably get talking about this post (sorry for the longest intro ever)! I LOVE this sweater bc the sleeves are tight and the body is really baggy. When I was shopping for this sweater I wanted to find that baggy yet flattering mix. This sweater does just that. I fell in love immediately... unfortunately I couldn't find it online anymore :( I linked the store, Studio 1220, because they have AWESOME sweaters...I also linked a few other sweaters I love from different places.

Christmas Shopping Tip:

Size-less gifts are the easiest... especially for you last minute shoppers!

Hipster Sweaters: great gift if you're unsure on sizes, you can always buy them bigger and they will still look great ;-) Forever 21 seriously has SO many right now and they are all like under 30 bucks! (If you order by tonight at midnight you can still get it before Christmas!)
Statement Necklaces: just go with their style! If they are more reserved then I'd go with something pastel, neutral or black. If they are more outgoing and lively I'd go bold and big in color and size! Forever 21 always has a great selection for any accessory item, but recently they have really stepped up their necklace selection.
Scarfs: BP has a ton of amazing scarfs right now that are transitional for Fall AND Spring.

Stay warm & have fun Christmas shopping!!

xoxo, shar

photos by: zach andrews. follow @iamzachandrews to see more of his work!


  1. You are so pretty Sharrah! I'm so glad I found your blog because your style is not so "old" looking as many other bloggers. Can't wait to see your next post! <3

    1. Martha! So sorry to just now be writing you back! I have been so busy in between jobs and have been off my blog game ;-/ BUT... I just read this comment and it made me smile! I really really appreciate what you said because I always want to be realistic... I feel my style is relatable (or at least I hope!) and I hate when other fashion bloggers post really expensive outfits that you would only wear on a runway! I usually get more out of every day outfit inspiration! Thanks for reading AND for your sweet compliment! xoxo, shar

  2. I'm in Ireland where it tends to be quite rainy at this time of year. So far, we haven't had extremely cold weather or snow - it probably averages 40-50F. Definitely got a laugh from that Kimmel video! Unfortunately, when it does snow here we're not really equipped for it and the country goes into a bit of a shock-status! :/

    1. I was just in NYC and it was TEN DEGREES! I was so shocked! I had never been in that cold of weather! I hope it doesn't get that cold in Ireland, and if it does... I hope you have lots and lots of blankets! xoxo