black & white blouse.

Blouse: studio 1220 (also love this one). Pants: j crew. Shoes: zara. Earrings: marc jacobs. Bangles: asos. Watch: marc jacobsPurse: urban outfitters (OBSESSED with this one too). 

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Must Have Monday pick of the week would DEFINITELY be a tie between those J Crew pants and the Zara heels! The pants are amazing because they literally go with everything. AND they are super comfy as well. J Crew has always been one of my favorite stores, especially because their sizes usually run big so I'm always a smaller size there than anywhere else! If you haven't noticed, I'm really into tucking in the front of baggy blouses. It creates more definition in your shape and avoids the unflattering boxed look that baggy tops often bring with them. Those Zara shoes are black velvet and SO cute. Im obsessed with the little tie bows at the top and the fact that they are a heel, yet look like a bootie, I just love em ;). 

I am so thankful for each and every one of you that read this blog! Your emails, comments, and overall support means so much! I have some big things planned for next year that I cant wait to tell y'all about! This will be the last post for 2013, CRAZY! I hope you all have a wonderful (safe) New Years Eve! See you all in 2014! 

xoxo, shar. 

photos by: zach andrews. follow @iamzachandrews to see more of his work!

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