all black everything.

This outfit is great for a cocktail attire event or night out with the girls. Everyone thinks this is a dress, but it is actually a skirt & blouse! Yes, all black outfits are easy and quick... but they classy and dress-code neutral. All black is a good option when you  are attending an event where you aren't sure if the dress code is casual cocktail attire or a little dressier. This Zara skirt is amazing... and its linked below;-) 

xoxo, shar.

Blouse: frenchi (from last season, I like this one too). Bandeau: free people. Skirt: zara. Shoes: steven. Clutch: marc jacobs. Bangles: forever 21. Cuff: tory burch. Earrings: Joan's Jewels & Co.     

photos by: Ashley Wingo. Follow @houseoflovelock to see more of her work! 


  1. I love how you photographed the shoes on the pipes… Very clever photography guys!

  2. this outfit is unbelievable. love it so much! just discovered you blog - its so great!

    1. thank you dana!! I just checked out your blog... you are adorable! Love your blog!!