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Must-Have Monday!!

My must-have post for this Monday is actually a double hitter... I just couldn't pick one! SO, those of you who guessed C or D are winners! (If you don't know what I am talking about, refer to my latest instagram post... and make sure to 'follow' me while you're there ;)) Those Steven brand pumps below are FANTASTIC! They really go with so many different outfits no matter what the occasion! For example... in this post I am wearing them a little more casually with cropped jeans & a stylish top (would also look super cute if you roll up your jeans & wear with a baggy blouse) but today for work I have paired them with my work trouser & peplum blouse. Very versatile!!

SIDE NOTE: for all the corporate ladies out there, leave me a comment below or message me if you would like to see a few "work-wear" outfits on this blog!

Secondly, those j brand cropped jeans are killer! They are super basic but I am obsessed with the fit (called Anja I believe, linked below). J brand makes amazing jeans, period. I can't stress it enough how much I love these pants. If you're built like me with a little extra in the back ;) you can relate when I say it can be challenging to find a good jean that fits you correctly. I strongly recommend these, they are probably one of the best staples I own!! 

xoxo, shar.

Top: pol from studio1220. Bandeau: free people. Jeans: j brand. Shoes: steven. Watch: michael kors. Earrings: forever 21.

photos by: Steve Cachero of Town & Fields, follow @steeevy to see more of his work!


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