little black dress

Soooo.... this outfit is unintentionally ALL from Zara. I usually don't like posting an outfit all from the same store, but somehow it happened and it turned out pretty cute so Im not that mad about it ;-). This dress is one of my favorites because it is so elegant and yet very simple. The scalloped sleeves and low back add just enough sexy to make it a wowwzzzaa outfit. Perfect for date night, cocktail party, or even a black tie [semi-informal] event. 
{Add: a statement necklace and a pair of sparkly teardrop earrings and you'll be in business;-) }

Must-Have Moment:
Ps, those shoes are a FANTASTIC staple... they look great with everything: dresses, boyfriend jeans, cropped jeans, shorts. You can dress them up or down... now that's what we call a must-have item!! Let me know in a comment below what your favorite part of this outfit it!

xoxo shar

Dress: zara. Purse: zara. Shoes: zara. Cuff: from Italy. Earrings: francesca's (last season). 

photos by: Steve Cachero of Town & Fields, follow @steeevy to see more of his work!


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